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Well, it looks the bicycle commuter benefit did not make into the final reconciled version of the new tax reform bill. What this means is that the benefit will no longer be a deductible expense for employers. As unfortunate as this is, it doesn’t mean that employers cannot still offer incentives to their employees to commute by bicycle, it just means that they can no longer deduct it as a business expense.  We hope that enlightened employers will continue to recognize the benefits to their businesses and their employees of biking to work and will continue to support bike commuting.

We want to thank all of you who responded to the action alerts and contacted Senator Enzi about this matter. It demonstrated that many of his constituents care about these type of issues and it may help in the future. We’ll just keep on pedaling…

If you would like the Bike Commuter Tax Benefit to continue, it is time to act! The tax bill currently going through the reconciliation process in the US Congress may end this important benefit for bike commuters and Wyoming’s Senator Mike Enzi is part of the Senate contingent working on reconciling the Senate bill with the House bill.

The House bill still contains the benefit and the Senate bill does not. We need as many Wyoming residents as possible to contact Senator Enzi and encourage him to work to retain the Bike Commuter Tax Benefit in the final version of the bill. We have provided an action form for you to complete that will be emailed directly to Senator Enzi:

Since the tax reform bill has been finalized, the Action Form for this issue has been disabled. If you responded, thanks for making your voice heard.

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