Our Pathways Partners

Below are the businesses, organizations and governmental entities that are partnering with Wyoming Pathways to make Wyoming a better and safer place to bike and walk. If you would like to become a Pathways Partner, please go to our Pathways Partner Program page.

Benefactor Partners

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Patron Partners

    Laramie BikeNet is the primary cycling organization in Laramie and has provided substantial support for the Pole Mountain Trail Project.  We continue to work with BikeNet on various other trail and kids projects in the Southeastern Wyoming Area.

Sponsor Partners

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Advocate Partners

    Laramie Racing is the primary MTB racing organization in Laramie and has supported Wyoming Pathways in our work on the Pole Mountain Trail Project.  Laramie racing runs the Gowdy Grinder, Laramie Mountain Bike Series and the Two Moon 24. 

Contributor Partners

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Donor Partners

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