Pole Mountain Trail Project

For 2018, we have moved on to Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project.

For the latest project updates, click here.  For information about the initial phase of the project, please check out our Pole Mountain Trail Project Phase 1 archive.

Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project has been scheduled and funded.  We are happy to announce that we have selected Adam Buck and Pathfinder Trail Building as our professional trail consultant. Work will begin on the project around the middle of July, but no later than July 21, 2018.  Once again, the WCC will be helping with this project and considering the amazing progress these two groups made on our recent Brewer’s Trail Extension Project, we are expecting great things.

We hope to have two major community “Dig Days”, the first of which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 29th.  We also hope to hold a dig day on Saturday, September 29th (National Public Lands Day).  Check our calendar for the latest information. There may also be opportunities to join Laramie’s new volunteer trail work group Common Outdoor Ground (COG) for some additional trail days throughout the summer).

Project Summary

Location: Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, Pole Mountain area

Project Partners: Laramie Ranger District, University of Wyoming, Laramie and Cheyenne trail user groups

Project Description: Pole Mountain is a 55,000 area square of public land located in the Sherman Mountains between Laramie and Cheyenne. Wyoming Pathways will help the Forest Service continue the progress made in Phase 1 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project continuing to work with partners to address the backlog of much needed trail maintenance to the system trails at Pole Mountain. 

Wyoming Pathways Participation: Wyoming Pathways procured a second $50,000 Wyoming Recreational Trails Program Grant that will be used to bring in additional professional trail building resources and to once again hire Wyoming Conservation Corps crews to perform trail maintenance at Pole Mountain in the summer of 2018.

Next Actions: Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project will commence on around mid-July of 2018, with WCC crews performing trail maintenance at Pole Mountain over the course of the following four weeks.  Multiple community trail work days will be also be planned to involve the community in the process.

UPDATE: We were lucky enough to have access to an additional hitch of the Wyoming Conservation Corps earlier than we expected, so we jumped on the opportunity to do some amazing work on the Headquarters trail (images coming soon).  Feedback from riders and LMBS racers has been universally positive.

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