2020 Pole Mountain Trail Project Update

Update: The 2020 Pole Mountain Trail Project is moving along at a good pace and according to Executive Director Tim Young who toured the site, it is “looking really good overall” (see the new photos below).  We want to thank all of the generous folks that have donated to the project this year.  We have nearly reached our goal to raise the matching funds needed for our RTP grant and the good folks of Laramie and Southern Wyoming have made that possible.  If you can contribute to the Pole Mountain Trail Project 2020, please go to the project page and dontate now. 

Our professional trail builders this year, Dave Crosby and Red Construction, have been doing great work and their trail building knowledge and expertise is being expressed in what is shaping up to be very nice improvements to the remainder of the Aspen and Haunted Forest trail reroutes.  We have also been lucky to have former Wyoming Pathways chairman Bruce Burrows and Curt Gowdy super volunteer Bob Bonds on site to help direct the crews.  Anyone who knows Bruce and Bob will recognize their influence in the quality of the rock work and new bridge.

The crews have been dealing with smoky conditions from the Mullen Fire, but were still able to complete the Aspen trail work and are now working their way up the Haunted Forest trail reroute.  Progress there has been rapid as well, with a Forest Service provided Rocky Mountain Youth Corps crew helping with the work for the past week.  At this pace, we hope that the project can be completed in another week or so.

We can’t wait to see and try out the finished product.  We hope that you all are as excited as we are and will check the new trails out once they are finished.