Tim Young, Executive Director

Tim brings over 20 years professional experience leading government and nonprofit bicycle, pedestrian and trail programs.

Prior to becoming Wyoming Pathways’ Executive Director, Tim was the Executive Director of Friends of Pathways in Jackson, worked for the National Parks Conservation Association on the award-winning Grand Teton National Park Pathways, and served as the first Pathways Director for Teton County and Jackson Wyoming from 1992-2002.

Tim has state and national experience serving on the Wyoming State Trails Council, WYDOT Transportation Enhancement Committee, and two terms on the Board of the League of American Bicyclists.

Tim is an adventure cyclist at heart – his trips include a 7-year, 45-country, 45,000-mile around-the-world bicycle expedition from 1980-87.

“I realized that, if I could ride a bike around the world, what potential there could be for bicycling and walking in everyday travel and in improving the health and quality of life in our communities.”

Tim lives in a log cabin in Wilson Wyoming and enjoys cycling, hiking, and cross country skiing around the state.

Pete Skram, Outreach Director

Pete brings 30 years of professional experience in branding, marketing, communications, web development and social media management to Wyoming Pathways.

Pete has been involved in various cycling and pedestrian advocacy non-profits and groups for the past 10 years, helping these organizations grow their membership and broaden their reach by assisting them with their organizational and communications challenges.

He has served on the boards of both road and off-road cycling non-profit organizations, is a member of various cycling and pedestrian advocacy groups and has participated in numerous projects focused on education, safety and the development of new cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

An avid cyclist, Pete also enjoys volunteering and combines these two passions by spending his free time patrolling trails as a certified mountain bike patroller, building and maintaining trails and volunteering at various cycling events.