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Important Action Alert! – Input Needed On BLM Trail Planning At Johnny Behind The Rocks by July 12, 2018.

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The Bureau of Land Management has released an Environmental Assessment (EA) that analyzes the Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR) Master Trails Plan, beginning a 30-day public comment period, that ends on July 12, 2018. Master trails planning at JBR supports the recreation facet of the BLM’s multiple-use mission and will increase access to public lands.

You can read the full Environmental Assessment here: and you can read the BLM press release here:

Please Comment Today! You can use the convenient form below or email Jared Oakleaf at the BLM directly (

We have provided you with some pre-filled suggested talking points, but feel free to modify the message to match your own opinions.  We want your voice to be heard!

Email comments must be submitted by July 12, 2018. If emailing directly, please include “JBR” in the subject line to ensure proper processing of your comment.

For more information contact Oakleaf at 307-332-8400 or

Environmental Assessment Background

Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR) is a popular non-motorized trail system located 15 miles southeast of Lander Wyoming. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the system currently consists of 14 miles of designated trails.  Established in the early 1980s, usage of the trail system has increased steadily over the past 20 years, with active management and improved maintenance of the trails beginning around 2010.

The BLM Lander Field Office is seeking public comment on an Environmental Assessment (EA) that proposes to conduct master trails planning in the Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR) Area to implement the Lander Resource Management Plan (RMP), approved June 26, 2014. The Proposed Action would build and maintain 40 miles of new purpose-built trail, for a total JBR trail system of 63 miles. The new trails are divided into a Block 1 group of trails that would be built first, and a Block 2 group of trails that are more conceptual and would be built in a later phase.

Wyoming Pathways supports the responsible expansion of the trail system at JBR.  Please join us in commenting in support of the new trails proposed. We believe that the longstanding partnership between BLM and trail volunteer organizations like Lander Cycling will provide the necessary resources and expertise to make such an expansion a sustainable recreation opportunity for the Lander community and visitors to the area.  It will also provide an economic benefit to all the regional communities in Fremont County.

The BLM Resource Management Plan identified Johnny BR as an area that should be improved to increase nonmotorized recreation opportunities. The goal is to provide up to a full day (6-8 hours) of trail use. Since the current 14 miles of trail are insufficient to do so, more trails are needed to address this and bring the trail system in line with the RMP.

We encourage supporters to comment to the BLM in favor of the proposed action by completing the form below.  Here is a summary of the BLM’s proposal and our position.

  1. Trails Development:
    1. We support building 40 miles of new trail, including a portion that is horse optimized and bicycle optimized trail.
    2. We do not support the “No Action Alternative” that would not build additional trails and would lead to a degraded trail system with higher impacts as unmanaged usage increases.
  1. Visitor Management:
    1. The EA strikes the right balance with a voluntary seasonal winter closure to protect mule deer. Wyoming Pathways supports this approach.
  1. Trail Plan:
    1. The new trails will be purpose-built to modern sustainable design standards. Wyoming Pathways fully supports the BLM and partners identifying, analyzing, and implementing restoration activities on roads and trails that do not support the goals and objectives for the trail network.
  1. Programmatic Trail Development Criteria:
    1. We support the BLM and partners to responsibly and sustainably design, locate, construct, and facilitate use of trails to minimize adverse impacts to cultural and environmental resources. The EA details a thoughtful list of steps that would ensure this, while also providing for a great trail experience for the users.
    2. Wyoming Pathways supports the plans to design, construct and facilitate use of trails that support the intended range of use, experience, and difficulty level for the trails, using terrain features to ensure sustainability and user enjoyment.
  1. Best Trail Practices:
    1. We support the BLM and partners to implement Best Trail Practices when developing the new trails at JBR.

Help support our neighbors in Lander and write in support today!

We thank you for taking the time to let the BLM know that you support such an expansion of the trail system at Johnny Behind the Rocks as well.  More responsibly and sustainably built trails will benefit Wyoming and are good for trail users and the environment.


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