After Setbacks, Active Transportation Funding Legislation Still Under Consideration

We have news about the $10m Active Transportation funding budget amendment proposed by Representative Jim Roscoe last week. As we had mentioned previously, this amendment was proposed following the tie-vote (30-30) failure of HB0144 (also proposed by Representative Roscoe). The amendment then passed the House (30-29), and had unexpectedly strong and vocal support from a range of Representatives. Rep. Roscoe, and Rep. Eyre sponsored this amendment and worked hard throughout the week to get it through the budget talks taking place this week.
Unfortunately the $10m proposed in the amendment was “traded” for long overdue raises to State employees. While not what we had hoped, we can take great pride in keeping such an important topic on the radar screens of many legislators and departments of the State government. It was a great accomplishment to go from almost zero in February to progressing this far in the process, and there is still hope for Active Transportation funding in this legislative session.
Our plans now include working to get an interim bill proposal picked up for consideration in committee. We will know more about this as we go along and we will keep you posted on the status as soon as we hear anything. In the meantime, we wanted to thank those who reached out to thank their legislators for their votes in support of the amendment and hope you all will continue to support Active Transportation in Wyoming by contacting your elected officials to let them know.
In this process, we have made great use of the information collected in our Wyoming Active Transportation Community Needs Survey. That information has proven to be incredibly valuable in letting elected officials know what their constituents want to make their communities better, safer and healthier places to live. We hope to have the follow-up to that survey, tentatively called the “Wyoming Active Transportation Capital Project List”, available for you in the coming weeks on our website, so you can continue to let us and your elected officials know the types of Active Transportation projects you would like to see in your communities.