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2018 Fall “Pathways to Prosperous Communities”
Membership Drive

With Fall officially here and the leaves beginning to turn, we are kicking-off our Fall Membership Drive and we need your help. Our theme this year is the same as that of our Wyoming Bike Walk Trails Summit this past May in Jackson, “Pathways to Prosperous Communities”. When it comes right down to it, that is the major reason that we do what we do. We want help Wyoming communities and hence the State, to be prosperous and better places to live.

We have been very fortunate to receive financial support from a broad range of individuals and institutions, but to continue to help Wyoming communities, we need your support as well. We hope that you will consider becoming a supporter of Wyoming Pathways and help us help Wyoming communities.

It’s Time to Join Wyoming Pathways to Make Wyoming
a Better and Safer Place to Bike and Walk*

Become an individual member, a business or organization partner or simply make a donation.

* (and hike, trail run, fat bike, xc ski or any other people-powered outdoor activity that uses pathways, trails and safe streets.)

Join the movement and make our voice stronger. Wyoming Pathways’ goal is to encourage safe bicycling and walking – helping to create thriving communities and enhance public lands across Wyoming. People-powered activities – like bicycling, walking, and cross-country skiing – provide many benefits to Wyoming’s residents and visitors, including efficient transportation and fun recreation. These modes of travel also enhance public health, support economic development, and are keys to reach tourism goals.

When you become a individual member or business or organization Pathways Partner, your support provides the resources necessary for Wyoming Pathways to continue our important work. For our part, we will continue to organize and mobilize supporters of trails and pathways in Wyoming so that we can further the people-powered movement.

We appreciate your support however you can provide it. If you are not ready to become a member, please consider supporting us by joining our mailing list and spreading the word about Wyoming Pathways.

If you have any questions about our Membership or Pathways Partner programs, please contact us.

Become an Individual Member or Donate


Make a tax deductible donation by check:

To make a tax deductible donation by check, please make the check out to “Wyoming Pathways” and mail it to:

Wyoming Pathways
PO Box 153
Wilson, WY 83014

We will send you a receipt for your donation along with our thanks for supporting our organization.  Wyoming Pathways is a Wyoming public benefit nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) status.

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