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Dan Burden, 2018 Summit Keynote Speaker Recognized as All-Time Urbanist

Dan Burden, Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Wyoming Bike Walk Trails Summit in Jackson, was recognized as one of the “100 Urbanists of All Time” by Planetizen, an independent academic resource. You can read the article here: https://bluezones.com/2018/01/dan-burden-walkability-expert/ Dan is a bit of a legend and is considered “America’s most recognized authority on walkability and bikeabilityRead more

Good Roads Movement

Good Roads 2.0   Wyoming Pathways proposes a new “Good Roads Version 2.0” campaign to take a fresh look at how streets and highways can be better designed to serve all users, including motor vehicle travelers and people walking and bicycling. Through a mix of community outreach and communications, Wyoming Pathways will raise public discussionRead more

People-Powered Movement

Wyoming Pathways is a statewide, nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to enhancing trails, pathways, and streets to better serve residents and visitors who choose or would like to choose “people-powered” modes of transportation and recreation. We envision a future where every person living in Wyoming has easy access to bicycling and walking opportunities. We hopeRead more

Public Policy and Safety Enhancements

Excellent public policy and infrastructure plans are crucial to create more livable communities and improve bicycling and walking safety. During the next two years Wyoming Pathways will engage in select planning and policy efforts at the state and federal level to benefit active transportation and recreation. Wyoming Pathways will engage key state agencies, including theRead more

Great Trails Wyoming

Trails are an integral part of Wyoming’s history, from the first Native American trails to the Oregon Trail, the movement of people around the state has depended on trails. While the automobile replaced the horse and foot modes for modern transportation, recreational trails remain an incredibly important component of Wyoming’s basic infrastructure. Today, well-designed trailRead more

Welcome to Wyoming Pathways

Welcome to Wyoming Pathways, the statewide voice of people who bicycle and walk. Join the movement and make our voice stronger. Wyoming Pathways’ goal is to encourage safe bicycling and walking – helping to create thriving communities and enhance public lands across Wyoming. People-powered activities – like bicycling, walking, and cross-country skiing – provide manyRead more