Construction Begins at Cody’s Beck Lake Bike Park

On April 3rd, the Park County Pedalers began work on the Beck Lake Bike Park, the next phase of the Beck Lake Bike Park and Trails project, a joint venture between the Park County Pedalers, City of Cody, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Shoshone Recreation District and the State of Wyoming Recreational Trails Program.  

Per John Gallagher, Park County Pedalers President and Wyoming Pathways board member, “With an abundance of natural moisture in the soil, Flowride Concepts is off to a blazing start on the park. They are currently building an access road for moving the thousands of yards of dirt delivered to the top of the dam. The pump track is the first order of business. As foreman Ward says, “it’s going to get ugly before it gets pretty!” Remember this is an active construction zone. Please keep out until we officially open. It won’t be long at at all.”

You can learn more about the project on the Park County Pedalers website: