Fat Biking Summit Summary

FB-DemographicsBlessed with a long winter, Wyoming is increasingly becoming a great place to fat bike. In 2016, new groomed trails around the state were enjoyed at Happy Jack and Curt Gowdy serving Laramie and Cheyenne, in Jackson Hole and at Grand Targhee Resort, on Casper Mountain, the new Beck Lake Trails in Cody, some in the Black Hills, and other areas. The sport continues to grow, and the new use has been very proactive in developing best practices and addressing user conflicts.

As we move into Spring and the opportunities for fat biking on snow become fewer and we take a look at the state of the fat biking movement with presentations from Gary Sjoquist given at the 2016 QBP Fat Bike Summits.

1. Fat Bike 101, Demographics and Past Summits (Download PowerPoint)

2. Fat Bike Shared Use & Separate Use: Shared Use Ethics, Top Ten, DH, 2016 Summits (Download PowerPoint)

3. Fat Bike State Parks, USFS, Trail Layouts (Download PowerPoint)

4. Grooming, Signage and Summary (Download PowerPoint)

Learn more on the Global Fat Bike Summit website.