Jackson Ranks High in People for Bikes “Bike-Friendly” Network Analysis and Wyo22 Pathway Progress.

Guess what? A Wyoming town just placed ahead of Boulder and Fort Collins in the latest People for Bikes Bicycle Network Analysis. The Analysis measures “bike-friendliness” and the town is Jackson. Although Jackson is a bit of a special case, it shows that it’s possible to achieve great things if you have committed advocates working to improve cycling in an area.

You can read about that and also the progress on the development of the Wyo22 pathway (Wilson to Teton Village), which is now moving toward the contracted design phase in this article on Buckrail: https://buckrail.com/wyo22-pathway-inches-closer-to-wilson…/. Cool stuff happening for pathway users in the Jackson area

This is the kind of thing we are trying to promote at our 2018 Wyoming Bike Walk Trails Summit this May in Jackson (learn more here). We want to get information out to folks all over the state to help them begin to make the kind of progress that Jackson has. If you or someone you know might benefit by attending, please make them aware of the Summit.