New Trails Taking Shape in Cody – Beck Lake Bike Park and Trail System

Cody-Beck-Lake-Trail-Building-09 Wyoming Pathways board member, John Gallagher is heavily involved in this project to augment the Beck Lake Bike Park and Trail system, a partnership effort between the Park County Pedalers, City of Cody, Bureau of Land Management, the Shoshone Recreation District and the Wyoming Recreational Trails Program. Professional trail building contractor, Trail Source, has been retained to handle the machine-based trail construction.
Cody-Beck-Lake-Trail-Building-01They have completed phase one of the project which includes a 1.9 mile climbing trail with 300 feet of elevation gain and a 1.4 mile flow trail with the same elevation loss. Due to some well-timed rain, the trail is already hard packed and riding beautifully. The flow trail is super fun for all ability levels, especially if you don’t use your brakes.

Cody-Beck-Lake-Trail-Building-02The contract for phase 2 has been signed and if winter holds off long enough Cody will see about 7 miles of new trail at Beck Lake to go with the 2 miles of hand-built trail completed this past spring. Come the spring of 2016 Park County Pedalers will move on to building a pump and jump park. The plan is to invest about $250,000 and over 1000 volunteer hours in natural surface trails before the 2016 riding season gets into full swing.

Cody-Beck-Lake-Trail-Building-04For the latest updates, please visit their website ( or Facebook page ( where you will find more pictures and a cool, high speed video of a section of the trail being built. Look for the trails soon on and of course they have been Stravad.

Cody-Beck-Lake-Trail-Building-10There will be plenty of hand finishing work to be done and volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in helping out, please contact John Gallagher at johng.wyo @ gmail . com.