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Wyoming Pathways helps develop, advocate, and secure favorable policies, facilities, and investments in public trails, pathways and complete streets for people in all Wyoming communities, and supports non-motorized recreation and transportation advances through public outreach, legislative efforts, partnerships, education, encouragement, and trail support programs.

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People Powered Movement  Wyoming Pathways is a statewide, nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to enhancing trails, pathways, and streets to better serve residents and visitors who choose or would like to choose “people-powered” modes of transportation and recreation. Read moreGood Roads Wyoming Pathways proposes a new “Good Roads 2.0” campaign to take a fresh look at how streets and highways can be better designed to serve all users, including motor vehicle travelers and people walking and bicycling. Read more

Great Trails Wyoming Trails are an integral part of Wyoming’s history. From prehistoric Native American trails to the homesteaders’ Oregon Trail, the movement of people around the state has depended on trails. Read more

Trails Funding  Federal funding for trails has been shrinking in recent years during a time when demand for this infrastructure is growing. Read more

Public Policy & Infrastructure  Improving public policy and making sure infrastructure plans include bicycling and walking are crucial elements needed to create healthier, more livable communities. Read more