Lander BLM Trail Projects

Wyoming Pathways is currently partnering with Lander Cycling, the Bureau of Land Management and the Lander community to expand trail development and improvement in the Lander area.  We have completed the first phase of the new Flowin’ Johnny trail at Johnny Behind the Rocks and we are gearing up for more work in 2021.  We appreciate all of you who have supported this work so far and hope that you will consider donating toward the 2021 project.  A good portion of the funding for the projects comes from grants and land agencies, but we really need and count on community support.  If you like seeing new and better trails in the Lander area, please consider making a donation to support our continued work via the form below.



110220 UPDATE:

Executive Director, Tim Young made the trek over to Lander on Monday to meet with Jared Oakleaf of the BLM, Scott Van Orman or Lander Cycling and Aaron Cholewa of Singletrack Trails to inspect the recently completed phase 1 section of the new Flowin’ Johnny beginner trail at Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR).  The new trail is about .8 of a mile and is now open and being enjoyed by public.  Phase 2 will include building the remaining section of Flowin’ Johnny the trail will be a loop beginner trail that provides great access right from the parking lot.  We think that this is a great addition to JBR and are excited that there is now a trail that will invite new users out to outdoor recreate.

102520 UPDATE:

Things are moving along at Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR) on the new Flowin’ Johnny beginner trail and we have a few more pictures for you. Aaron Cholewa and the Singletrack Trails crew have already built nearly 3,000 lineal feet of trail and are currently working on the turns on the lower portion of the trail.
As you can see in the third photo, the weather was beginning to move in and snow was starting to dust the area, so it looks like the crew will be taking a “weather break” for today. They hope to be back at it again on Tuesday. Again, our thanks to Lander Cycling, the BLM and the Lander community for helping to make this happen.

102120 UPDATE:

Our Executive Director, Tim Young, just returned from Lander, WY, where he participated in a project walk-through for the Flowin’ Johnny Trail at Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR). The project, a collaboration between Lander Cycling, Wyoming Pathways and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who manages JBR, is going to be a great addition to the area. There is a lack of easy beginner trails in Lander and this trail will be purpose built for that need. Professional trail builder firm Singletrack Trails, has been contracted to build the trail.

Tim worked with local trail advocates Ron Murray and Scott Van Orman to go over the final layout and then they got together with BLM Recreation Planner, Jared Oakleaf and Aaron Cholewa of Singletrack Trails to fine-tune it. All parties were pleased with the final product and work was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 21st.

The Singletrack Trails crew of 5 will be making use of two machines to assist in the build, which should take 2-3 weeks, depending on weather (see photos below). With some snow predicted in the near future, we’ll have to see how lucky we get with weather.

Funding for the project comes in the form of a $26,000 grant from the Lander Recreation District obtained by Lander Cycling and a three year grant from the BLM.

This nice addition to JBR is coming to fruition in large part due to the efforts of Lander Cycling and the willingness of Jared Oakleaf and the BLM to support such improvements. Wyoming Pathways is excited to be a part of this project and looks forward to helping with the expansion of trails at JBR for many years to come.


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