Pole Mountain Gateways Project

The second Pole Mountain Gateways Project public meeting webinar is scheduled for Thursday, March 4th at 5:30pm.  You can register in advance to attend this public meeting webinar by following the link on the Pole Mountain Gateways Project home page: https://pole-mountain-gateways.wygisc.org/

Remember that you can also leave comments about the Gateways Project on the Storymap Page: https://pole-mountain-gateways.wygisc.org/pages/storymap. While you are there, we highly recommend that you check out the Digital Stories that folks have left about Pole Mountain and what it means to them. You can also submit your own Digital Story, if you are so inclined. It is a great way to inspire others to get involved and appreciate what a great resource the Pole Mountain area is.

If you were unable to attend the first public meeting webinar, you can view it here: https://vimeo.com/507620691.

Pole Mountain Gateways Conceptual Map

We have added a new resource for you to better understand the trail system at Pole Mountain, a really great GIS map created by Board Member, Melanie Arnett, showing the trail system in detail, including suggested and conceptual new trails and seasonal use layers.  You can view the map below or get the full functionality by going directly to the map on the ArcGIS website here:


If you plan to view the map on the ArcGIS website, here are some instructions to help you get the most out of the map:

To view attributes:

  • click on segment
  • if more than one content layer was clicked on, the upper blue bar will display number of features you can scroll through (see red box below) – use the white triangle in the upper blue to scroll through the different features
  • the content layer you are viewing attributes for will be displayed above the black line

To see Legend:

Click on the Legend button

To turn layers on or off:

  • click on the Content button and check or uncheck specific content layers

To change the background “Basemap” layer (e.g. to see satellite imagery)

  • click on the Basemap button

Embedded Map

View larger map


Wyoming Pathways is happy to report that the Pole Mountain Gateways project has started.  This is the first step in engaging the public in the planning process for non-motorized trails on Pole Mountain. The webinars are being organized and managed by our friends at the University of Wyoming’s Ruckleshaus Institute, who helped us with the original Pole Mountain Trail Charette. If you want to find out about the US Forest Service planning process for the future of Pole Mountain and have your say in that process, be sure to sign up for their webinar series and take the opportunity to provide your input into the process.  You can do so on their website: 

From their website,

“The purpose of the Pole Mountain Gateways project is to gather public input on the Pole Mountain Unit in advance of a broad-scale Forest Service planning project. In order to maximize current and future user experiences, the Forest Service intends to conduct an Environmental Analysis (EA) for the entire Pole Mountain administrative unit that will look at trails, facilities, parking, signage and other aspects of non-motorized recreation.

The project is named Pole Mountain Gateways to reflect the area’s designation as a Wyoming Forest Gateway Community Priority Area, which resulted from the implementation of the National Trails Stewardship Act.

We want your input! Click the Pole Mountain Gateways Maps and Data link to view and submit data. User submitted data will help gain a better understanding of preferred public destinations and usage throughout Pole Mountain. Public conversations are being planned to discuss the vision for Pole Mountain, shared values, and priority areas.”

Wyoming Pathways will keep up with the latest on the Pole Mountain Gateways project and will post what we learn here, so check back regularly.  In the meantime, we will be working hard to make sure that the 2021 Pole Mountain Trial Project that will be developing the connector trail between the Pilot Hill Project and Pole Mountain, will be a resounding success.  We hope that you will help us with that by making a donation to the project below.

Please DONATE NOW to the Pole Mountain Trails Project 2021

In the coming months we will be doing all of the preparatory work for the Project, including working with the Forest Service to determine the optimal trail line, lining up a contractor and Wyoming Conservation Corps resources and lots of coordinational work.  We will keep you posted along the way, so please check back here regularly.

Donate to Support the Pole Mountain Trail Project 2021


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