Pole Mountain Trail Project – 2017

For 2018, we have moved on to Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project.  Please check out our Pole Mountain Trail Project Phase 2 page.

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project received another Recreational Trails Program grant that will enable another season of substantial trail improvements at Pole Mountain.  Work will likely begin later in the season this year, but we hope to have a community dig day on National Trails Day, prior to work starting.  Check back for details.

UPDATE: The second Community Dig Day at Pole Mountain took place on Saturday, September 30th, National Public Lands Day.  Along with help from the WCC and UW volunteers, we were able to complete a substantial reroute and wrap-up Phase 1 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project in style.  We are looking forward to continuing work at Pole Mountain next Spring.  Look for information about Phase 2 in the coming months.

UPDATE: Phase one of the Pole Mountain Trail Project has been completed, but it is just the start of what we hope will be an ongoing process to maintain and improve the trails at Pole Mountain into perpetuity.  Next on the agenda will be another Community Dig Day on September 30th, National Public Lands Day, to do a couple of much needed reroutes on two popular sections of trail.  Beyond that, we hope to see the formation of a trails-focused volunteer group that can work with the Forest Service to provide that ongoing maintenance (and hopefully connect existing trails and build new ones) that will truly show that they “Heart Pole Mountain”.  You can also still support the project by making a donation below.

June 26th, 2017 Update:

The WCC portion of the Pole Mountain Trail Project wrapped-up yesterday. Along with the National Trails Day volunteers, they’ve done an great job giving the trails at Pole Mountain some much needed love, including:

1) Development of more than 150 rolling grade dips and knicks throughout the trail system (Pole Creek, Alder, Aspen, Middle Aspen, Black Jack, Roller Coaster, Headquarters, Crow Creek, and Turtle Rock Trails) to better manage water off the trails;

2) Culverts on Alder (remove/clean/replace to carry water to creek) and Headquarters Trails (remove/rock armor);

3) Sustainable relocation/closure of the easternmost 0.2 mile portion of the Brown’s Landing Trail and northwesternmost 0.1 mile portion of Crow Creek Trail, and a 0.1 mile portion of Aspen Trail;

4) Major improvements to the trail entrance at the Tie City Trailhead and Trail armoring/rock step improvements on Aspen and Headquarters Trails.

That’s nearly $40k in improvements in total and, for the Crews and Laramie area volunteers, a better understanding of trail maintenance planning and execution that will pay forward from this project.

Our thanks to the WCC for doing all of this work, Kay-Linn for planning and directing the work, UW Outdoor Program for training and coordination, all of the volunteers that showed the amazing community support for the trails at Pole Mountain, all of the groups and individuals that contributed to the project and last but not least, the Laramie District of the Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest. We hope that there will be more community involvement in improving the trails in the coming months, continuing the momentum provided by the project.

June 10th, 2017 Update:

Trail work started on May 29th and the first hitch of WCC crews worked diligently on the trails at Pole Mountain through June 7th.  The second hitch starts work on June 12th.  We had a great Dig Day on June 3rd, with over 50 volunteers coming out to work on the trails.  You can view images of the project and the event below (click the image to advance the slideshow):

View the trail project slideshow:

View the Dig Day and Celebration slideshow: 

If you have passion for improving the trails at Pole Mountain, here’s an opportunity for you to get directly involved. Wyoming Pathways is sponsoring a trail maintenance project for trails at Happy Jack and Vedauwoo in the Pole Mountain Unit of the Medicine Bow National Forest this spring and summer. You can support the project by making a donation and/or by getting your hands dirty by volunteering to help with the much needed trail maintenance.

This project is slated to begin in late-May and continue through late-June. We will be bringing in Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC) trail crews to help with the “heavy-lifting” and will have a well-respected professional trail builder helping out as well.  In addition, the University of Wyoming Outdoor Program will be holding an intensive Trail Building School on May 20-21 (rescheduled to June 10-11 due to poor weather and trail conditions).  You can learn more about this school and register here.

We are also planning to have at least three volunteer “Dig Days” at Pole Mountain, where the community can come together and get their hands dirty augmenting the trail maintenance work being done by the WCC. The first Dig Day is tentatively planned for National Trails Day, Saturday, June 3rd.  Once the details have been sorted out, we will have a specific signup for that event.

The tentative project timeline is:

Training and Assessment

Saturday, May 20th – 21st: UW Outdoor Program Trail Building School/On Site Trail Assessment (rescheduled to June 10-11 due to poor weather and trail conditions)

Monday, May 22nd: State Parks Trail Trainings/On Site Trail Assessment

Tuesday, May 23rd: State Parks Trail Trainings/On Site Trail Assessment

WCC Trail Crew Work Sessions

Monday, May 29th – Wednesday, June 7th: Session 1 (2 eight-person crews)

Monday, June 12th – Sunday, June 21st: Session 2 (2 eight-person crews)

Project Assessment

Thursday, June 22nd: Post-Project Trail Assessment

Throughout: Partner and Community Feedback

Volunteer “Dig Days”

Saturday, June 3rd: Volunteer Dig Day 1 (National Trails Day) – Sign up to Volunteer

Summer 2017 (Date TBD): Volunteer Dig Day 2

Saturday, September 30th: Volunteer Dig Day 3 (National Public Lands Day)

We will post additional details as we have them, but in the meantime, if you would like to make a donation, please use the Donation Form below.  Although this page is not secure, the form, which is embedded, is secure.  If you would like to make a donation and prefer to use the un-embedded form directly here: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/1724861733985650688.

If you would also like to volunteer, please sign up for the Dig Day.

We appreciate your support. Please let others know about this opportunity and we hope to see you at Pole Mountain.

Donate to Support Trail Maintenance at Pole Mountain