Pole Mountain Trail Project – 2022

As we look forward to the Pole Mountain Trail Project 2022, we want to thank all of you who donated to the 2021 Pole Mountain Trail Project.  Because of your donations, we were able to complete the Aspen Trail and Haunted Forest trail reroutes and maintenance.   These rerouted trails should be more fun and sustainable than ever and are great additions to the Pole Mountain trail system. Unfortunately, we were not able to begin construction on the Pilot Hill Connector Trail due to issues that delayed the environmental and cultural assessments for the proposed trail corridor.

We plan to carry on our work at Pole Mountain in 2022 and will be using the remainder of the Wyoming Recreational Trails Program grant funding to get the ball rolling.  This year’s project will focus on building the first phase of the connector trail from the new Pilot Hill area to Pole Mountain.  We still have the substantial cash match obligation for this year, so we will will be seeking your financial support again in 2022. 

We are also still assisting our friends at the Forest Service and the Ruckleshause institute with the Pole Mountain Gateways Project.  You can learn more about this project on our Pole Mountain Gateways Project page, where you can link to the Project website and view a really nice map of the Pole Mountain area with the existing trail system and conceptual trail options created by Board Member Melanie Arnett.


By making a donation to the grant matching fund, you will be helping Wyoming Pathways and project partners to invest a nearly of $100,000 of improvements to to the Pole Mountain trail system this year. Combined work since 2016, Wyoming Pathways will have completed over $300,000 in trail improvements at Pole Mountain. We can’t do this without the help of our partners and the community and without the financial support from donors like you. Thanks for supporting Pole Mountain Trails!

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In the coming months we will be doing all of the preparatory work for the Project, including working with the Forest Service to determine the optimal trail line, lining up a contractor and Wyoming Conservation Corps resources and lots of coordinational work.  We will keep you posted along the way, so please check back here regularly.

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