People Powered Movement

Complete Streets serves all usersWyoming Pathways is a statewide, nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to enhancing trails, pathways, and streets to better serve residents and visitors who choose or would like to choose “people-powered” modes of transportation and recreation. We envision a future where every person living in Wyoming has easy access to bicycling and walking opportunities. We hope to see safe, accommodating streets in all communities.

To reach this vision, we want to organize a network of supporters around Wyoming who are knowledgeable about local pathways and trails issues and willing to speak up for state and federal opportunities for trails and pathways. Through a mix of community meetings, web site resources, and media outreach, Wyoming Pathways will build a people-powered movement to connect hundreds of supporters around the state.

Our collective voices will raise public discussion on the many benefits bicycling, walking, and cross-country skiing provide. We’ll help identify and address community needs to help create high-quality active transportation and recreation facilities that support vibrant communities and healthy people.

Steps planned for the People-Powered campaign include:

State Summit: Wyoming Pathways will co-host the first annual Wyoming Trails Summit in June, and expand it in 2014. The Summit goal is to bring leaders, planners and advocates together to build broad, statewide support. The Wyoming Trails Summit will bring top experts to teach best practices and help communities find the professional resources to assist their projects.

Community Outreach: Wyoming Pathways staff and board members will meet with municipalities, counties, main street and business groups, federal agencies and state leaders to understand needs and opportunities, and to promote the economic and health benefits of active transportation.

Model Projects: During the next year, Wyoming Pathways plans a campaign to identify approximately a dozen high-quality “Model Projects” around Wyoming and help to promote collaborative solutions to implement these projects. Examples include main street livability projects, community pathways, Wyoming state parks and state land trails, and National Park Service, National Forest Service and BLM pathway and trail projects. Do you have a project that qualifies? Please send us your demonstration project ideas!

Wyoming Delegation Support: Wyoming Pathways will develop and demonstrate strong public support for bicycling, walking and non-motorized trails programs to the Wyoming Congressional Delegation. The Wyoming delegation has a positive history of support for bicycling and walking during the past 20 years, and today holds considerable power in Congress. Programs like Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails have proven to be highly popular with communities around the Cowboy State.

Through these combined efforts, Wyoming Pathways will assess collaboration opportunities, gain an understanding of local needs, prioritize key projects, and build a movement to help.

Wyoming Pathways will strive to demonstrate public value, community need, and public support for federal bicycle, pedestrian and trail programs. Public support will help sustain and improve the Wyoming Congressional Delegation’s support for continued federal investments in Wyoming’s active transportation and recreation systems.