Public Policy & Infrastructure

Public Policy and Infrastructure Investments for bicycling and walking

Improving public policy and making sure infrastructure plans include bicycling and walking are crucial elements needed to create healthier, more livable communities. During the next two years Wyoming Pathways will engage in select planning and policy efforts at the state and federal level to benefit active transportation and recreation.

casper bike conference cont (7)-smallWyoming Pathways will reach out to key state agencies, including the Wyoming Department of Transportation, State Parks and Cultural Resources, Travel and Tourism, Department of Health, and the Wyoming Business Council to begin a conversation on policy changes and investments that would benefit bicycling and walking and improve health and safety in Wyoming. Each of these agencies has unique opportunities within their control to enhance policies and programs. Within the fiscal constraints of state and federal funding available, a collaborative multi-agency approach will produce the greatest benefits for the people of Wyoming.

DSC_2627-smallPolicy efforts will seek adoption of a “Good Roads Wyoming” version of a complete streets policy, where all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians, are routinely accommodated in highway projects. Wyoming Pathways will advocate improvements to the state bicycle and pedestrian program, seek meetings with WYDOT’s five District Engineers, participate in the STIP development and generally advocate for increased investment in non-motorized projects.

We’ll support Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources Department’s efforts to develop a robust non-motorized trail program and help demonstrate public support for the program. Additional efforts will include tracking progress on the State Long Range Trail Plan non-motorized goals and assisting with the “action steps” identified in the plan.

Safe Routes Wilson kids train-smallWyoming Pathways also will support bicycle and pedestrian education efforts for safe routes to school and promote rules of responsible use for streets, pathways, and trails. We will offer technical advice and training on complete streets and pathway and trail facilities design. We will seek a partnership with the health community regarding the health benefits of bicycling and walking, and the transportation professionals for a Wyoming Safe Routes to School program.

To advocate for improved federal land management policies, we will engage in major federal land-planning efforts undertaken by the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and BLM. We will support federal agency polices and projects that protect and expand public land recreation and access in Wyoming.