Trails: Thermopolis

The success of the recently developed multi-use trails in Hot Springs State Park demonstrated to Town of Thermopolis officials, business leaders and community members the positive impact on the economy and quality of life that a well-planned and professionally-built trail system can have. The goal of the project is to create a Thermopolis Community Trail Plan that evaluates and meets the needs of Thermopolis residents for year-round close to home recreational trail systems, and which provides visitors with added outdoor recreation opportunities.


How we helped

Wyoming Pathways is partnering with the Bureau of Land Management, the Hot City Outdoor Alliance and the Town of Thermopolis to develop a vision for the future of soft surface trail development in and around Thermopolis. TPT Trails also managed the 2019 development of the well-received new T-Hill Trail in Hot Springs State Park, and in 2022 built trail on Round Top to additional trails connected to T-Hill.


Next steps

We continue to work with Hot City Alliance and the town of Thermopolis to plan and build new trail systems for their community. Wondering how to help? Volunteer or donate.

Thermopolis Round Top trails

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