Pole Mountain Gateways Planning Project Meeting 2

We want to remind everyone that is interested in how the trail system at Pole Mountain will be managed going forward that the next (virtual) public meeting for the Pole Mountain Gateways Project will be held next Thursday, March 4th from 5:30pm to 7pm. You can register in advance to attend this meeting by following the link in the Pole Mountain Gateways Project home page: https://pole-mountain-gateways.wygisc.org/.
Remember that you can also leave comments about the Gateways Project on the Storymap Page: https://pole-mountain-gateways.wygisc.org/pages/storymap. While you are there, we highly recommend that you check out the Digital Stories that folks have left about Pole Mountain and what it means to them. You can also submit your own Digital Story, if you are so inclined. It is a great way to inspire others to get involved and appreciate what a great resource the Pole Mountain area is.