Pole Mountain Trail Project Phase 2 Gets Rolling

Things are moving along on Phase 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project. We just posted some pretty instructive pictures of why some of the trails needed heavy maintenance and rerouting. Our goal is to end up with sustainable trails that are fun for all users, within the guidelines of the managing land agency. We also try to respect the history of the trails, trying to maintain the character as much as is possible. In this case, we are working with the Forest Service to maintain existing trails where possible and reroute trails that are beyond repair or not sustainable.

Sometimes it is difficult to balance all of these things, but we are all avid trail users as well and we really do love our trails and do our best to “do right by them”. We understand that they are an important part of any community, providing so many opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. Well built and maintained trails can also help the economies of local communities and we are all for that. We appreciate all of the support and with that, hope that we can continue our work throughout the state.

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