Round Top to T-Hill Connector Trail 2022 Request for Proposal

Wyoming Pathways is seeking bids from qualified trail building companies for the Round Top to T-Hill Connector Trail near Thermopolis, Wyoming and Hot Springs State Park.  The RFP document can be downloaded here.  The deadline for submissions is 3pm MST on May 18, 2022.  The anticipated project start is May 22, 2022, dependent on receipt of the Notice to Proceed.

This contract is for the construction of a new natural surface, non-motorized trail in Thermopolis and Hot Springs County, Wyoming, connecting the Round Top Trail trailhead to Hot Springs State Parkas described here:

The project consists of the construction of the on Round Top to T-Hill Connector Trail, in Thermopolis Wyoming. Work includes completion of an on-site investigation of local conditions, furnish all labor, equipment, supplies and materials in performing all operations necessary for the complete and proper development of identified trail infrastructure associated with the project. This contract is for the construction of approximately ±7,000’ of new, natural surface, non-motorized trail. The work also includes the purchase and installation of six 12” culverts with armored wing walls, 120’ of armored trail, and four fence crossings. Each of these will be discussed on the mandatory walk-through.

Work must be completed according to trail standards as contained within this scope of work and shall be substantially completed by November 15, 2022, with all work completed by November 30, 2022. Trail lengths are estimates derived from design work completed from survey by Wyoming Pathways. Preliminary layout of the trail corridor has been completed and the drain-edge flagged representing the trail corridor. As part of this project Wyoming Pathways will pin-flag the trail drain-edge, the contractor is responsible for final field alignment and design generally within a 10’ corridor or as mutually agreed in the field.

Contractor will adhere to Sustainable Trail Construction best practices and guidelines accepted in the professional trail building industry as standards providing the foundation for all design and construction decisions (such as “half rule”, frequent grade reversals, max grades function of soils and use, etc.).

There is a required “Pre-bid meeting walk-through at the worksite on May 9th, 2022 at 10:30am.  Additional details can be found in the RFP document.