Shoshone Mountain Bike Route Designation

UPDATE: We had a great response to our request for comments on the Shoshone National Forest Mountain Bike Route Designation, including one from Governor Matt Mead. Thanks to everyone that took the time to submit a comment. We will continue to work with the Shoshone on these and other trail issues and will keep you posted on any new developments.

The Shoshone National Forest has released a Notice of Proposed Action for mountain bike trails, including some new trails but restricting mountain bikes on other trails. This proposed action will greatly impact your ability to ride a mountain bike in the forest. The Forest is seeking comments on this action and concerned citizens can provide them through January 12, 2017.

To help you understand the action better and make informed comments, we have created a resource page for you with background information, documents, maps, suggested comments and a form that will send your comments directly to the contact at the Shoshone National Forest, Olga Troxel.

Go to the Shoshone Mountain Bike Route Designation Resource Page

We encourage all concerned citizens to comment, especially those of you who are regular users of the Shoshone.