Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements Project Submits BUILD Grant Application

Wyoming Pathways is proud to introduce you to the Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements (TMCI) project. This project is a multi-government, multi-organization public/private partnership intended to implement regional transportation plans that call for building a more balanced multimodal transportation system to the Greater Yellowstone region.

The project reached a milestone recently when the partners submitted a $28 million transportation grant application to the US Department of Transportation. If the grant is awarded, these much needed improvements will move forward and will help alleviate the pressures and challenges that currently exist on the ID-33/WY-22 corridor.

As part of the grant application, the group produced a brochure that summarizes the proposed changes. You can read more about the project and download the brochure on the Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements (TMCI) project page.