Teton Pass Trail Progress

We got some good news yesterday morning about the Teton Pass Trail – the Teton County Commissioners agreed to send a letter to the Wyoming FLAP (Federal Lands Access Program) Decision Committee, asking to revise and update their grant agreement for $500,000 in remaining FY-14 FLAP funds. With the Committee’s likely approval, it will allow Western Federal Lands to complete final design plans for the pathway and underpass connecting Victor’s pathway at state line up to the Trail Creek Campground. The balance of the funds will be used to further the preliminary design plans from the Campground to the top of the pass, and NEPA compliance as may be required.

This is in addition to Teton County recently approving plans to seek $1.4 million in new WY-FLAP funds, which if approved, would construct the pathway and underpass up to the Campground. That grant application is being prepared and is due May 19th.

We will post more information as we receive it.