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The Pathway Forward – Looking Ahead to 2019

The Pathway Forward – Looking Ahead to 2019

After the major successes in 2018, Wyoming Pathways plans to keep the “people-powered” momentum going forward into 2019.  We will be continuing to work on some of our existing projects, working on new planned projects and will likely help with ones we do not even know about yet.  Working with our partners and friends throughout the state, here are a few of the things we have on our plate for 2019:

The 2019 Wyoming Legislative Session – Wyoming Pathways will once again be hard at work supporting legislation that is helpful to biking and walking in the state and working with legislators that understand the value that improved policies can bring to the state.  There is a chance that the recent trail user fee legislation could be revived during the session and other legislation may be put forth that needs to be supported or opposed.  We will do our best to keep you advised and ask for your input on any legislation that could impact biking and walking throughout the session, January 8th to March 8th.

Lander Community Trails Charrette – We will be holding the next iteration of this proven community consensus-building event to develop common goals for trails in late March or early April in Lander, WY.  The event will bring together the community and land agencies to develop priorities, answer questions and address concerns over a common goal to improve trails in the Lander area.  After the success of the Pole Mountain Trail Charrette in Laramie and the subsequent progress for trails there, we can’t wait to see how the Lander Charrette will positively impact the trails in Lander.  You can keep up with the latest on the Charrette website at:

Additional Trail work at Pole Mountain – With the success of phases 1 and 2 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project, we look forward to implementing Phase 3 in 2019.  We recently applied for another $50,000 Recreational Trails Project (RTP) Grant, and hope to again partner with the US Forest Service, Wyoming Conservation Corps, a professional trail builder and various community groups to continue to improve the trails at Pole Mountain.  It’s hard to imagine, but this work and the commitments from those who use those trails is making an already world-class trail system even better.  You can keep up with the lates on Phase 3 of the Pole Mountain Trail Project on the project page.

Bridges for the Upper Brewer’s Trail – The trail tread for the Upper Brewer’s Trail in Sinks Canyon on the Shoshone National Forest near Lander was completed this past summer, but there is still a bit of work needed for the trail to be fully complete.  An additional $40,000 in new funding will be utilized to add two bridges to the trail.  The addition of these bridges will be the finishing touches to a trail that has already received great acclaim and will make the trail system in Sinks Canyon a a destination for all trail users. You can keep up with the latest on the Upper Brewer’s Trail Bridge Project page.

Continuing Work on the Greater Yellowstone Trail (GYT) –  As one of the longer running and larger scale projects that Wyoming Pathways has been involved in, the GYT continues to move forward in 2019 with projections of more miles of world-class pathway to be built.  Such complex and far-reaching projects need constant attention and extensive background knowledge to keep them on track and Wyoming Pathways has been shepherding the GYT forward for many years.  Wyoming Pathways will continue its commitment to moving this project forward and keeping you appraised of the progress.  It is worth the effort, because when complete, the GYT will be a 180 mile gem that will be a tourism destination that will benefit the state and the communities it passes through.  You can keep up with the latest on the GYT project page.

New Projects TBD – Part of Wyoming Pathways’ mission is to help communities become better, healthier and safer places to live through promoting biking and walking.  We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to do that, but we cannot know everything that is happening everywhere throughout the state.  If you have questions about biking and walking and trails, pathways and safe streets in your community, please be sure to contact us.  You can do so by email ([email protected]), by using the contact form on our website or contacting us on Facebook.  We will always get back to you and do our best to help.