The Pole Mountain Trail Project 2019 Wraps-Up

Tuesday, September 3rd was the final day of the 2019 Pole Mountain trail project. We don’t have the lineal feet totals yet, but we were able to repair and reroute a substantial portion of the Aspen Trail to make the trail more sustainable and fun.  See the photos below.  If you like what you see, please also be sure to thank the Laramie Ranger District ( and encourage them to support future trail projects at Pole Mountain.
There’s a lot left to be done.  We want to thank the National Forest Foundation, whose grant made the Project possible. That grant, combined with matching funds from the Laramie BikeNet, Cycle Wyoming, Laramie Racing, the USFS, Wyoming Pathways and numerous community members, allowed us to keep improving Pole Mountain for all trail users.  We can’t thank everyone enough for the support, but we are still short of our fundraising goal, so if you can help with a donation to the project, we would be commensurately grateful to you as well. You can make an online donation via the form below, so please 


Here are photos of some of the completed work on Aspen Trail taken on September 7th, 2019.  It is a whole lot of fun and flowy singletrack.  Feedback from all trail users that day was universally positive, so we need to keep this project going into 2020.