Tim Young Presents Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force Draft to Joint TRW Interim Committee

As you know, our Executive Director and Chairman of the Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force, Tim Young, presented the Task Force’s nearly complete draft report to the Wyoming Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee on Monday. The presentation went well and the report is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. For those of you who are interested to see what goes on in these meetings, we will be posting a video of Tim’s presentation soon. It is not the most exciting video you will ever see, but it shows an important and necessary step in the process to get better outcomes for biking and walking in Wyoming.

At the same meeting, based upon the article in WyoFile, we expected to hear about the creation of a new Office of Outdoor Recreation. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but there was a interesting presentation by Darin Westby and Domenic Bravo of State Parks about the Outdoor Recreation Task Force Report. There was a great discussion about the report and the 11 recommendations and 59 sub-recommendations contained therein. Even without the new office being created, there was strong sentiment from the Committee, State Parks and the Gov’s office to keep the momentum generated by the Task Force going. State Parks is taking the lead on this and it will be interesting to see where things go in the coming months.

Here’s an article about the Task Force report on the Wyoming Business Council website with links to download the Task Force report and the 2017 Wyoming Outdoor Industry Report: http://wyomingbusiness.org/news/-outdoor-recreation-task-force-report-/10731