Togwotee Pass CDT Project GPS Track…A Very Cool Squiggly Line

This may be the coolest squiggly line you will ever see. The red line in the image below shows the full section of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail near Togwotee Pass that Wyoming Pathways has worked on over the past three years. We recently received the KML file of the trail segment from our primary partner on the project, Chris Sellars, Shoshone National Forest South Zone Trails Coordinator, and could not resist making a nice Google Earth image from it.

Togwotee Pass CDT Trail GPS Track

Click image to view larger.

The image really shows the rugged nature of the terrain that surrounds the trail and the “zig-zag” track shows how much the terrain dictated the meandering character of the trail itself. Those aspects, along with the variable weather patterns of the area, made this a particularly challenging project and all the more rewarding to complete.

During the course of the past three years, much of the trail was rebuilt, rerouted or reworked to make it more sustainable and to really showcase the amazing scenery of the area (as can be seen in the photos on the CDT Project page, with more to be added soon). We are thankful to have had such a great partner for this project in Chris and the Forest Service and awesome trail crews to “make it all happen”.

We look forward to continuing to work with Chris and the Shoshone to make the trails in this wonderful public lands resource even better. If you are ever in the area and weather and trail conditions are conducive, we highly recommend that you check this amazing trail out.