Upper Brewer’s Trail Bridge – A Lander Journal Story

We want to thank the Samone Yuen, Editor of the Lander Journal for writing the following story about our recent project to add a bridge to the Upper Brewer’s Trail over the Enterprise Ditch.  The project was completed in late mid-October and has been well received by both the Shoshone National Forest and the local trail users.  In fact, Facebook posts about the project have received thousands of views and numerous positive responses as well.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the project. You can check out videos and photos from the project below.

Upper Brewer’s Trail now continuous with bridge over ditch

By Samone Yuen


Lander Journal

October 20, 2019

With the summer arguably over and winter yet to set in, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders can traverse the entirety of Upper Brewer’s Trail in Shoshone National Forest without fear of the Enterprise Ditch. 

“When it’s running full tilt, it can be pretty dangerous to cross it,” said Wyoming Pathways Director Tim Young. He said the ditch houses a significant flow of water some parts of the year, as it flows between Worthen Reservoir and Frye Reservoir, and it is part of Lander’s municipal water supply.

“It’s a pretty significant span. It’s more than just a little jump across stream, so it requires a stout bridge that can hold horses and the snow load,” said Young.

Wyoming Pathways partnered with Shoshone National Forest to get the bridge ordered and built. “The Shoshone National Forest thought it was a good place to install the bridge. They saw the success we had of completing trail construction up there last year and asked us to help manage that,” said Young.

Now that it’s all said and done, the bridge project totals approximately $35,000.

“I’m excited we’re doing this,” said Young. “It’ll improve the trail experience for the users instead of having to make a sketchy crossing of the ditch. This should really be a good long term solution. Since the intent of the trail is to make it pretty accessible, it’s important to have this bridge that provides this experience without that challenging span in the middle.”

Lander’s own Crenshaw Craftsmanship built the bridge, which is expected to last 50 years. Adam Crenshaw’s team and Precision Dirt Works finished the actual construction in “three long days” after a great deal of planning, said Crenshaw. They finished construction Wednesday.

“When the materials showed up we had just had a significant snowfall, so we were actively working in the snow to get everything back there,” said Crenshaw. 

“That was the crux of the project. The first big challenge was getting it from the delivery site (near Bruce’s Bridge) up to the rock quarry, and from there to the construction site. The stringers for the bridge are 6 inches by 12inches  by 22 ft long, 700 pounds each. That was the logistical challenge of getting those back in there, and then laying them across the ditch was the second biggest challenge,” said Crenshaw.  

But good weather came in time for construction, and Crenshaw said it was a great experience. “We had a fantastic time. We were happy to be part of what I’d call a legacy project, since the bridge should be there for at least 50 years. The local recreation community will benefit from it.”

Crenshaw himself is an avid mountain biker. “I’d mountain biked up there many times, and it’s nice to have a formal crossing there now.”  

The Upper Brewer’s Trail is still open, and users who go up soon will be some of the first to make an easy crossing over the ditch.

Young said, “We’ve been happy to help and we’re happy to have one more improvement int  the trails in Lander.”