Upper Brewer’s Trail Bridge Installation Complete – Photos and Video

After a flurry of work over the course of the past couple of weeks, our final trail building project of 2019 to wrap up, the bridge addition to the Upper Brewer’s Trail in Sinks Canyon, near Lander, is fully installed and ready for use. The bridge was fully delivered in mid-October and our intrepid installer, Adam Crenshaw of Crenshaw Craftsmanship, LLC in Lander and his crew did an amazing job installing the bridge in record time, in less than ideal weather conditions, I might add.  Check out the videos and photos below (courtesy of Adam Crenshaw).

If the reactions on Facebook to our posts about the bridge are any indication, it is looked at as a great addition to an already great trail.  Now users hiking, riding or running the Upper Brewer’s Trail will have a much more pleasant experience when the Enterprise Ditch is flowing.  No stopping to walk across a questionable log or plank crossing.  Even when the Ditch was not flowing, crossing was dicey, having to pass through an uneven rock garden stream bed.

We are thankful to have such great partners in Lander to make projects like this possible.  Our thanks again to Adam and his crew and as always, thanks to the Shoshone National Forest.  This new bridge and the trail that it augments are truly a community success for Lander, the State and everyone that appreciates and uses sustainable and fun trails.  We hope that even more can be done, both in Lander and around the state and Wyoming Pathways will continue to work hard on your behalf.