Welcome to Wyoming Pathways

Welcome to Wyoming Pathways, the statewide voice of people who bicycle and walk. Join the movement and make our voice stronger.

Wyoming Pathways’ goal is to encourage safe bicycling and walking – helping to create thriving communities and enhance public lands across Wyoming.

People-powered activities – like bicycling, walking, and cross-country skiing – provide many benefits to Wyoming’s residents and visitors, including efficient transportation and fun recreation. These modes of travel also enhance public health, support economic development, and are keys to reach tourism goals.

We work to engage the public and help government agencies at the state and federal levels envision and implement better policies and investments for bicycling, walking and trails throughout Wyoming.

Our advocacy programs focus on two areas: enhance bicycle and pedestrian transportation in the public right-of-ways; and improve public land recreational opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, running, and cross-country skiing.

Your support will be essential to the success of this new movement to enhance bicycling, walking and trails in Wyoming. Please consider joining as a supporter today.

Wyoming Pathways Mission– to inspire, motivate and unite a strong community of public, business, and political leaders to improve nonmotorized travel and recreation opportunities in Wyoming, including bicycling, walking, hiking and cross-country skiing.

Purpose – Wyoming Pathways helps develop, advocate, and secure favorable policies, facilities, and investments in public trails, pathways and complete streets for people in all Wyoming communities, and supports nonmotorized recreation and transportation advances through public outreach, legislative efforts, partnerships, education, encouragement, and trail support programs.