West Broadway Complete Street underway in Jackson

One of State’s Busiest Intersections Becomes Pedestrian and Bike Friendly

After more than 30 years of traffic congestion and pedestrian safety issues, one of Wyoming’s busiest intersection will get a makeover into a “Complete Street” that serves all the users.

Construction on Jackson’s infamous five-way intersection began March 21. When the project is completed at the end of year, it will include new and expanded sidewalks, new bike lanes, medians and mid-block pedestrian crossing, and improved vehicle lanes and intersection.

With nearly 4 million visitors to Jackson every year, the resort town’s busy intersection sees as many as 50,000 vehicles a day. U.S. Highway 89 is the main road through the intersection, and is used by visitors to access Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks to the north.

Tim Young, Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways, said “Complete Streets projects that enhance main streets like West Broadway create more livable communities. This project will improve not only the flow of arterial traffic, but as importantly it will improve the economic vitality of Jackson’s main street.”

The project will be done in two construction phases. The first phase began March 21 and will end June 30, before the beginning of the busy tourist season. During that phase, work crews will install new water and sewer lines, as well as new storm sewers.

The second phase will begin August 20, and will include construction of seven-foot concrete sidewalks, new bike lanes and medians, concrete travel lanes, and street side landscaping. The second phase is expected to be completed by November 20.

The total cost of the project is $5.7 million. The Town of Jackson is paying $2.3 million, paid in part by Teton County voters through a 1% SPET ballot, while the Wyoming Department of Transportation covers the remainder of the costs with federal and state funding.