Wyoming Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force Report Released

Hot off the press is the new Wyoming Bicycle and Pedestrian System Report 2018. You can download the full report here. Prepared at the request of the Wyoming Legislature and Governor Mead, the 80-page report highlights the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling and walking for Wyoming communities, with helpful examples and resources. 

The Report includes detailed recommendations tailored to each agency on how to best realize the significant economic, health, quality of life, and safety benefits identified. Specific actions to boost the economic and physical health of communities across Wyoming include:

  • The State Legislature should create and fund a $10 million annual statewide bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure initiative to address identified needs of walkable main streets, community pathways, rural cycling routes, and natural surface trails in Wyoming.
  • Governor’s office, to work with state agencies to implement the Report recommendations, and to work with the Wyoming Delegation and federal land agencies to address the trail maintenance backlog on federal lands.
  • Legislature, to provide funding and direction to state agencies to prepare a comprehensive and quantitative cost/benefit study of the health, safety, economic, and other benefits of walking and bicycling in Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation, to create a formal WYDOT Bicycle Pedestrian Program, and to increase investment in infrastructure for people walking and cycling.
  • Wyoming Business Council, to offer funding through its Main Street and Business Ready Community programs to improve walking and cycling infrastructure and support vibrant downtowns.
  • Wyoming Office of Tourism to promote Wyoming’s downtowns, trail systems, pathways, bicycle routes and long-distance trails.
  • Wyoming State Parks to improve trail systems in state parks and partner with public lands, and to help develop long-distance bike trails.
  • Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments to identify State Trust Lands where new trail systems could be established and collaborate with local communities on partnerships.
  • Wyoming Department of Education to elevate the importance of Safe Routes to School for walking and biking when siting new schools.

The Report will be presented to the Legislature during the upcoming session. Please express your support for the recommendations to your state legislator.