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Wyoming Pathways Launches Spring Membership Campaign for Individuals and Partners

wyoming-pathways-membership-drive-1UPDATE: Our Spring Membership Drive has ended and we would like to thank all of you who joined as members, partners or newsletter subscribers. Your financial support enables us to continue our work and adding your voice increases our reach and effectiveness.  Together, we can make a difference!

As we roll into Spring, all around the Cowboy State, outdoor enthusiasts’ attention is shifting to warmer weather people-powered fun like mountain biking and road riding, hiking and trail running. In our cities and towns, citizens are exploring alternative modes of transportation to get where they are going by walking and riding their bikes.

Supporting these healthy and fun activities requires smart advocacy work at both the local and state levels. We’re fortunate in Wyoming to have many local nonprofit trail and bike groups that are delivering impressive community pathway and trail projects, and they deserve your continued support. In tandem, Wyoming Pathways advocates for biking and walking at the state and federal level, which compliments local efforts around Wyoming. We’re writing to ask for your support for our work..

sonoran-lander-mobility-institute-11To continue our work helping Wyoming communities, we need your support – please join Wyoming Pathways in our spring membership campaign as an individual member or as a business or organization Pathways Partner.

Wyoming Pathways is the only statewide nonprofit organization advocating for biking and walking at the state and federal level. We work to ensure that biking and walking programs our local communities depend on continue, and that Wyoming’s state agencies and public land managers provide the state-level support needed for local pathway, trail, and complete streets projects to succeed.

With your help, Wyoming Pathways will support local partners and advocate for enhanced state-level efforts to create quality pathway and trail systems and safe streets for biking and walking across Wyoming.

2015-WY-Bike-Walk-Trails-Summit-703Wyoming Pathways’ mission is “to inspire, motivate and unite a strong community of public, business, and political leaders to improve non-motorized travel and recreation opportunities in Wyoming, including bicycling, walking, hiking and cross-country skiing.”

We help develop, advocate, and secure favorable policies, facilities, and investments in public trails, pathways and complete streets for people in all Wyoming communities, and supports non-motorized recreation and transportation advances through public outreach, legislative efforts, partnerships, education, encouragement, and trail support programs.

This spring, Wyoming Pathways is asking individuals, businesses and organizations that believe in the benefits of people-powered movement to join with us to support these activities by becoming a Wyoming Pathways member or partner through our Spring Membership Campaign. We need your help to expand our reach and increase our effectiveness and magnify your voice throughout the state. With your financial support and participation in our networks of concerned citizens, businesses and organizations, you will help us understand your needs and enable us to work on your behalf on issues that matter to you.

2015-WY-Bike-Walk-Trails-Summit-895Over the past few years, Wyoming Pathways has worked on numerous projects and events throughout the state with great success. From development of the Greater Yellowstone Trail project plan, to hosting the World Fat Bike and Wyoming Bike Walk Trails Summits, to helping to develop trails and bike parks in Cheyenne, Casper and Cody, Wyoming Pathways has been working diligently to improve people-powered infrastructure and promote understanding and cooperation between trail and pathway users, land owners and land managers.

Most recently, Wyoming Pathways was heavily involved in the development and passage of the new Wyoming Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force legislation that will create a Governor appointed task force to study bicycling and walking issues throughout the state, with a focus on the potential economic and health benefits of these activities.

Our goal is to encourage safe bicycling and walking – helping to create thriving communities and enhance public lands across Wyoming.


Wyoming Pathways was well represented at the signing of the new Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force bill.
Photo courtesy of PitchEngine Communities.

People-powered activities provide many benefits to Wyoming’s residents and visitors, including efficient transportation and fun recreation. These modes of travel also enhance public health, support economic development, and are keys to reach tourism goals. We work to engage the public and help government agencies at the state and federal levels envision and implement better policies and investments for bicycling, walking and trails throughout Wyoming.

In these and other ways, Wyoming Pathways is working to make Wyoming a better place, but there is more to do. With your help, we’ll grow our efforts to support pathways, trails and safe streets and will seek out new ways to improve the economic and public health outlooks of communities throughout the state.