Wyoming Pathways Participates in the Challenge for Charities

After all of our work in the Lander area in recent years and with our organizations move of the main office to Lander, we are excited to announce that Wyoming Pathways is participating in 2022 edition of the Lander Community Foundation’s Challenge for Charities. This is important not only because it will enable Wyoming Pathways to raise funds to do further work in Lander, but because participation in the C4C also includes matching funds, generously provided by the amazing Challenge For Charities Challengers.  Donations made to Wyoming Pathways during the Challenge for Charities drive, that runs from May 1st through July 10th, will allow us to have an even greater positive impact on trails, pathways and safe streets in Lander.

Please Donate Now!

So, if you like trails, pathways and safe streets and you to support more of that in Lander, please consider donating to Wyoming Pathways…and now’s the time to do it!   If you have ridden the Upper Brewers Trail in Sinks Canyon, walked the Flowin’ Johnny Trail at JBR or seen the new ADA sidewalk improvements around town, you have seen some of the things that Wyoming Pathways is helping to bring to the Lander community. We are planning for even more in 2022 and beyond, with new trails at JBR, trail planning for the Bus and safe routes to school for kids.  It is an exciting time in Lander and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Please support us in our work to make Lander a safer, healthier and more fun place to live, play and visit!