Wyoming Pathways Releases Wyoming Active Transportation Community Needs Survey

Wyoming Pathways' 2021 Wyoming Active Transportation Community Needs Survey

Wyoming Pathways needs your help to learn what Active Transportation projects would be important to your Wyoming communities and we have created a survey to find out.

The Survey is open to Towns, Cities, Counties, Nonprofits, and the general public. Please fill out the survey questions, and seek help from your local elected officials if you need cost estimates or project details. Let us know what type of help you need. Documenting these active transportation needs will help show the demand that exists around Wyoming.

Take the Survey Now!

The survey will be open for the next few weeks, so please encourage anyone you know who is interested in Active Transportation projects in their communities to complete it, especially folks in government.

For background, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has developed a proposal to make best use of new federal funding Wyoming will receive from the American Rescue Plan to create “a future where Wyoming can thrive.” Wyoming Pathways believes one significant opportunity is community-identified active transportation needs, such as walkable main streets, safe routes to school, and pathways for biking and walking.

The Governor’s staff has expressed interest in learning more about these Active Transportation needs, and Wyoming Pathways would like your help to build a list of projects to provide the Governor and the Legislature. If the money was there, what pedestrian and bicycle projects does your community need, in order to thrive in the future?

Creating an Active Transportation investment from the American Rescue Plan for community-identified biking and walking facilities would help fulfill many of the Governor’s objectives, including:

– Have a long term impact or a return on investment.
– Be sustainable.
– Support Stimulus over relief.
– Where possible, leverage the dollars.
– Create capacity for the future.
– Benefit a wide group of citizens.

We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your feedback will be used it help us understand the Active Transportation wants and needs of Wyoming communities. The results will be delivered to the Governor and other appropriate governmental entities to use when requesting and allocating American Rescue Plan funds.  And of course, we will make the results of the survey available to you all as well, so be sure to check back regularly or keep an eye on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wyopath/) for announcements.