Wyoming TRW Committee Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force Update

The next steps in the development of a Wyoming Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force took place at the September 26th and 27th Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee meeting in Jackson, Wyoming. The committee visited pathway projects, heard testimony related to the formation of the Task Force and deliberated changes to the initial draft legislation.

Wyoming Pathways Executive Director, Tim Young was in attendance both days, helping the committee and other leaders on a Pathway Field Trip, facilitating discussions about the benefits of pathways, and providing input for revisions to the draft legislation.

The result of these efforts was that most of the suggestions provided by Tim were adopted by the committee into the draft legislation. Next steps for the bill, it will be reviewed at the committee’s next meeting on November 9-10 in Casper, WY and potentially be approved as a Committee Bill to be considered in the 2016 legislative session next February in Cheyenne.